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TJC Leadership Profile: Jim Flory

Jim Flory

Jim Flory, Douglas County Commissioner, is a life-long resident of Douglas County, Kansas. Jim attended Lawrence schools, received both his undergraduate degree and law degree from the University of Kansas, and was a deputy sheriff in Douglas County for 7 years while attending KU and KU law school. He retired from the U.S. Department of Justice in 2006, after serving 27 years as a prosecuting attorney. During his legal career, Jim was the District Attorney of Douglas County, Assistant Attorney General (Kansas), Assistant United States Attorney and the United States Attorney for the District of Kansas.

What makes a successful TJC leader?
The primary role of a successful TJC leader is to provide unequivocal support to the TJC staff who will carry out the program.  While economic support is critical, the TJC leader must also actively assist staff in generating and maintaining a public commitment to this community-wide program.  

What are your tips for getting support from system stakeholders for the TJC Initiative?
Communication is the key ingredient for gaining and retaining the involvement of system stakeholders. To be a true "stakeholder," the agencies and personnel in the system must feel that they have a meaningful voice in formulating and implementing the initiative.