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TJC Leadership Profile: Daron Hall

Daron Hall

Daron Hall, Sheriff of Davidson County, is a native Nashvillian and has spent nearly 25 years dedicated to the field of public safety. He earned a B.A. degree with an emphasis in criminology from Western Kentucky. Prior to becoming Sheriff, Hall worked under the direction of three Davidson County Sheriffs. His private sector experience includes program director for Corrections Corporation of America where he had the opportunity to work in Brisbane, Australia. In 2005, he received the Ambassador of Hope Award from the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) for outstanding service to the mentally ill in criminal justice. He currently serves as the 101st president of the American Correctional Association.

What makes a successful TJC leader?
As a leader, two main focuses for us were on trust and support. Trust the skills of your people and trust that the community would respond if appropriately involved. It is extremely important to support both staff and community throughout the process during the good as well as the challenging times.

What are your tips for getting support from system stakeholders for the TJC Initiative?
For us, the key was open communication from the very beginning. As we, initially, began the process we had involvement at every level - including all levels of governmental leadership to community agencies leadership. We have continued this by establishing, implementing, and maintaining community and facility work groups around all the major need areas for those who will be released. As part of this, we have quarterly meeting involving all parties in collaborative communication and shared data results.