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Section 4: How to Use the Modules

While each module stands alone, they also build on one another in the order outlined in the TJC model, beginning with system-level elements of the initiative and then moving toward individual-level interventions. We recommend that you begin with Module 2: Leadership, Vision, and Organization Culture and work your way through to Module 9: Self-Evaluation and Sustainability

Each module should take between 20 to 30 minutes to complete and follows the same format:

  • Welcome Page: includes the module's title, the focus of the module, a quote from a practitioner, average time to read the module, and the recommended audience.
  • Module Objectives: include the specific information discussed in the module, the titles of each section, and the knowledge you should gain by completing it.
  • The Transition from Jail to Community Model: visually highlights where the module fits in the TJC model.
  • Content Sections: provides key information on areas of interest relating to the module's subject matter.
    • Resources: provides additional resources with links to content.
    • Reentry Revisited: after each section, one or two multiple choice or true and false questions are provided for you to test your knowledge of the information you've read. Your response is anonymous and your answer is not recorded.
    • Summary: a brief review of what the section covered.
  • Terms Used in the Field: the last section in each module, where key terms and concepts are defined.
  • Conclusion: a brief review of the main issues covered by the module as a whole