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Advancing Community Supervision Strategies

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The ongoing work of community supervision is dynamic based on the trends and changes occurring in the world we live in. Adjusting to an ever-changing political climate and other factors beyond our control makes the sharing of information and communications more important now than ever before. NIC has served as a resource for many years through training, information sharing and networks available to the field. NIC is committed to providing assistance to all community supervision agencies no matter the size.

Community supervision agencies must rely on the most recent evidence-based programs, promising practices, and emerging approaches to further their work. NIC is invested in promoting equally important topic areas included in this microsite that target human-resource-related technical skills and staff training, hiring requirements and practices, equipment for officers, and topic areas supported by research and evaluation. Topics covered range from current practice methods to new and innovative approaches.

This microsite contains information on topic areas and provides resources and links to publications, tools, websites and more.

NIC does not endorse nor recommend any of the products or topics discussed on this site, rather the intent of this microsite is to provide comprehensive information that will assist you in making more informed decisions regarding the use and implementation of technology, programs, and practices.

Please contact us if you have additional information that you believe would benefit others in the field on specific topics and it will be considered for inclusion. This database is not an exhaustive listing, and we encourage visitors to help us keep the site active by submitting new programs.