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Justice-Involved Veterans Compendium Project

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  • Randall Liberty

    Randall Liberty

    Randall Liberty enlisted in the United States Army in 1982 to be a military policeman. He’s been in law enforcement now for 37 years. Between his time on active duty (in the Reserves and National Guard), at the sheriff’s office, and for the past 3 years as warden at Maine State Prison, he’s brought to every position he’s held a purpose-driven approach to rehabilitate rather than punish. He tries to find ways to create programs that help address the underlying issues facing the offenders he’s been charged with supervising in the criminal justice system and returning them to their communities as responsible citizens. Liberty, 54, takes pride in his myriad roles as veteran, husband, father, and advocate for veterans.

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  • Ryan Yoder

    Ryan Yoder

    After working his way through the ranks at the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PA DOC), Ryan Yoder said that an assignment as a facility veterans coordinator changed his life. As a Marine Corps combat veteran, Yoder called it one of the most fulfilling experiences he has ever had. Recognizing Yoder’s high energy, commitment, and passion, PA DOC Secretary John Wetzel promoted him to serve as the statewide veterans coordinator as part of an effort to prioritize veterans services. For Yoder, working to restore dignity and hope for veterans in prison isn’t just a job. It’s personal. He was interviewed by Nick Stefanovic.

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  • Ron Self

    Ron Self

    Ron Self, former Inmate, San Quentin State Prison, Marine Corps Veteran and Founder of "Veterans Healing Veterans from the Inside Out"

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  • Dan Simmons

    Dan Simmons

    Dan Simmons, inmate at Stafford Creek Corrections Center, and US Air Force veteran, was a dog handler while active duty, discusses the rewards of training dogs while serving time and having the ability to set and achieve goals.

    Listen to Dan Simmons: