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Hidden Assets: Using Neuroscience to Reduce Stress and Increase the Well Being of Correctional Officers

This presentation includes a practical set of self-regulation skills which can be used peer-to-peer, for individual self-care, and by clinicians. The curriculum has been used in military, medical, educational, corrections, and corporate settings nationally and internationally to promote self-regulation as well as positive and generative relationships among individuals and across disciplines. Social Resilience Model (SRM) skills also are used to improve cognitive, emotional, social, and physical health following distressing and traumatic events. SRM is being used in communities which have high rates of violence to build on existing community strengths and to network diverse groups to enhance dignity, safety and sharing of resources.

  • Dr. Leitch

    Dr. Leitch has been a practicing psychotherapist, clinical trainer, consultant, and researcher for over 25 years. She is Director of Threshold GlobalWorks, dedicated to cultivating the social dimension of resilience in individuals and within communities, enterprises, and systems. Committed to promoting principled behavior, collaboration, and safety in the workplace and communities, Leitch’s organization, Threshold GlobalWorks, has developed a neuroscience-based curriculum, SRM for building social resilience at the individual and system’s levels.

  • Ann L. Jacobs

    Ann L. Jacobs joined the John Jay College of Criminal Justice as Director the Prisoner Reentry Institute (PRI). For nearly two decades, Ms. Jacobs served as the Executive Director of the Women's Prison Association (WPA) in New York, the nation's oldest and largest social service and advocacy organization for criminal justice-involved women, and their families. Previously, Jacobs was responsible for oversight of the city's five public safety agencies for the New York City Mayor's Office of Operations and served as the Deputy Director of the Mayor's Office of the Criminal Justice Coordinator. Her experience encompasses work in both the juvenile and adult justice systems, at the local and national levels.

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