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Heartset: The Key to a Thriving Life

  • Roy McGrath

    Roy McGrath

    The heart is much, much more than a simple pump. It impacts our attitudes, health, emotional wellness, thinking, and relationships. Most of us know and practice a survival mindset, now learn how to interpret and understand the signals your heart sends so you can reduce stress, make better decisions, and ultimately have a thriving heartset that enhances every aspect of your life!

    Roy McGrath began his career in law enforcement in 1984 as a Security Specialist in the US Air Force. Upon his discharge; he joined the Oregon Department of Corrections where he has served as a Sergeant for twenty years. Roy is proactive in improving corrections worker health and safety.

    Roy has over fifteen years of practical experience in providing training to new and veteran employees. He is a Master Force Skills Instructor in self-defense, cell extractions, Restraint Chair, and Master Instructor for new officers at the Basic Corrections Course. In 2014, Roy was selected as a panel member for an NIJ sponsored national corrections conference on officer health and safety.

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