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Women In Recovery

Women in Recovery is an intensive outpatient treatment program designed as an alternative for women involved in the criminal justice system. This program offers an array of services ranging from housing to counseling, to drug treatment. Women in Recovery teaches women about health, wellness, relapse prevention, parenting and building healthy relationships. The program also helps women conquer their drug addiction and acquire the essential economic, emotional and social tools to build successful and productive lives. In addition WIR can help with: job search, education/GED, independent living, stress reduction and other mind body tools, connecting with others who have similar experiences, and medical services. Specialized groups include: anger management, parenting, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS testing and education, life skills workshops, and family reunification.

Program Population

Women involved in the criminal justice system, especially those with substance abuse issues.

Program Capacity

Approximately 70-75 women at a time

Program Funding Source

George Kaiser Family Foundation

Curriculum Published

Family & Children's Services
650 South Peoria Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74120
United States