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Welcome Home Re-Entry Program

The Welcome Home Re-Entry Program is a mentoring program for people being released from prison into Montgomery, Prince Georges and DC County. The program serves people of all faith and of no faith. Volunteer mentors are recruited from religious and civic organizations and are asked to commit for at least a year. Though it primarily serves men, there is a female component. Representatives from the Welcome Home Program make initial contact within the prison prerelease center where an orientation is given about the program. This is possible through a partnership between the organization and the department of correction. The mentoring relationship begins while the woman is either in a halfway house or in a work release program. While the woman is still under department of correction supervision the mentor will meet with them and assist them with their post-release needs which can vary depending on the woman. Mentors can make referrals to housing and substance abuse treatment. Assistance with employment is also available—the mentor may help the women write a resume, do mock interviews and even drive her to the interview. Mentors can also assist the women with educational opportunities such as obtaining their GED and may even provide literacy tutoring. Mentors meet with mentees for approximately an hour a week, though the relationship could be more time intensive.

Program Population

Women being released from prison.

Program Capacity

6 to 8 women at any given time.

Program Funding Source

Foundations, and private donations, some county funding

Start Date Year
Curriculum Published

Catholic Charities
924 G Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
United States