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Transitional Housing - Anchorage

Akeela recognizes the need for low-cost, clean and sober housing for recovering substance abusers who are transitioning from substance abuse treatment to life in the community. Locating safe, clean, and sober housing is a key to long term sobriety. Akeela has addressed that need by providing 11 sleeping-room-only units attached to the Therapeutic Community program. In addition, the program has 13 two-bedroom apartments and one three-bedroom apartment. Akeela’s Transitional Housing is available for two years post treatment in order to assist recovering people to re-establish themselves in the community in a low-cost and safe environment. It is designed to help them become steadier in their sobriety and better able to withstand social pressures to relapse and become established in a job that will adequately support them and their families.

Program Population

Women with substance abuse issues, women who have been previously incarcerated, women with children.

Program Capacity

65 women per year; with a capacity of 75.

Program Funding Source

Client fees for operational purposes only.

Start Date Year
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Akeela Inc.
4111 Minnesota Drive
Anchorage, AK 99503
United States