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STEPS to End Family Violence: Alternatives to Incarceration program

The Alternative to Incarceration (ATI) program specifically addresses the needs of domestic violence survivors who have been charged with crimes related to the abuse they have experienced. In many cases, the clients carry charges related to the defense of themselves or their children. The end goal is to reach an outcome that is satisfactory to the criminal justice system and beneficial to the women and their families. Court collaboration is a major component of the ATI program. STEPS works closely with the courts and the client’s attorney to design an appropriate treatment plan and accompany the client to court, monitor her progress, and provide compliance reports as necessary. Staff attorneys will consult with the client’s defense as needed.

Program Population

Women with a history of domestic violence who have a criminal case pending as a result of being a domestic violence survivor.

Program Capacity

50-80 women per year.

Program Funding Source

City council, RFPs, some private foundations

Start Date Year
Curriculum Published

Edward Gould Services for Children and Families
151 Lawrence Street
5th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201
United States