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Sarah Powell Huntington House

Sarah Powell Huntington House (SPHH) is a residence where homeless women who have criminal justice involvement can reunify with their children. SPHH is home to 37 mothers, 18 who live in single units and are awaiting the return of their children and 19 whose children are in their care. WPA offers on-site case management, day care, recreational activities for children, counseling (for both mothers and their children), and intensive assistance with finding permanent housing. Huntington House is a safe, drug-free environment with 24-hour supervision. Most women reside at Huntington House for between 6 and 18 months. Women move into Huntington House as singles and share an apartment with a roommate who is also seeking to reunite with her children. When a mother regains custody of her children, WPA helps the family with the process of seeking approval for family shelter and they move together into a family unit within Huntington House.

Program Population

Homeless women with criminal justice involvement who are trying to reunify with their children.

Program Capacity

37 women at one time – 18 on singles side; 19 on family side.

Program Funding Source

New York City Department of Homeless Services

Start Date Year
Curriculum Published

Women's Prison Association
347 East 10th Street
New York, NY 10009
United States