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Reentry Project

A New Way of Life’s core programming supports paroling women in taking small but significant steps toward reestablishing their lives. Program staff help residents obtain a California ID and Social Security card, apply for public assistance when appropriate, and deal with debt, such as child support, that they may have incurred while in prison. This program provides support to clients when they attend court appearances, report to parole officers, and when meeting the conditions of their parole or probation. Program staff assist clients in developing a plan for sobriety, by helping them find a sobriety sponsor, and encouraging them to participate in Alcoholics, Cocaine, and Narcotics Anonymous meetings in the community, in addition to the weekly in-house meetings provided. A New Way of Life assists women in thinking about their futures, encouraging enrollment in educational classes and training programs, and/or beginning to look for steady employment. They partner with nearby community-based institutions such as the Watts Labor Community Action Committee, California Department of Rehabilitation, and the Maxine Waters Employment Center for their expertise in employment and career development. For women with children, they provide family reunification and parenting support services.

Program Population

Women with substance abuse issues, women returning from prison or jail and women on parole.

Program Capacity

5 homes for both women and their children. 20 adults 15 children throughout both houses.

Program Funding Source

Substance Abuse Alcohol (SASCA), public and private donations and public foundations.

Start Date Year
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A New Way of Life
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