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Program Services

Greenhope provides services to 42 residential and 70 day treatment/outpatient clients. Greenhope's comprehensive approach to recovery incorporates a variety of academic enrichment and personal development strategies in order to address the various needs of the clients. Each program includes drug and alcohol counseling, domestic violence education and prevention, legal/criminal justice advocacy, vocational and educational services, social services (such as housing placement, benefits assistance, and transportation), mental health services and workshops, medical care, HIV/AIDS education and counseling, family services program, nutrition education, independent living skills, creative arts programming, and a physical fitness program.

Program Population

Women who have been formerly incarcerated, women referred to an alternative to incarceration, women with substance abuse issues, women on probation, women on parole.

Program Capacity

42 residential, 70 outpatient.

Program Funding Source

Public and Private donations, government funding, Public foundations

Curriculum Published

Project Greenhope: Services for Women
435 East 119th Street
7th Floor
New York, NY 10035
United States