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Morals Integrity Group

The Morals Integrity Group (The Louisiana Sex Offender Risk Management Project) is designed for women identified as sex offenders and for those who have a history of prostitution-related activity. This group has a psycho-educational component and a treatment component. The program is based on cognitive behavioral theory and is strongly grounded in relapse prevention. This 26-week program allows participants to explore the nature of the events, thoughts, and feelings related to their sexually inappropriate behavior with expectations that the women shift from maintaining inappropriate behaviors to expressing more appropriate and healthy sexual behavior. To graduate, women must successfully complete each phase, taking both pre-tests and post-tests for each phase, completing group and homework assignments and obeying group rules. Curriculum: The Madison County risk management model: sex offender psycho-education treatment program

Program Population

Women who have been sentenced on a sexual offender offense and those who have a history of prostitution activity.

Program Capacity

Average of 37 to 43 women at any given time.

Program Funding Source


Start Date Year
Curriculum Published

Correctional Institute for Women
7205 Highway 74
St. Gabriel, LA 70776
United States