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Marian House

Marian House provides temporary housing to women returning from prison. Our basic program offers residential services for a period of 6 to 12 months. For the first four months, each resident focuses on her personal goals and development. She receives intensive counseling and follows a structured program that includes curfews, regular drug testing, and commitment to a savings plan. Encouraged by staff members, she renews positive relationships and begins to establish a new support system. Once she has demonstrated constructive life skills and met initial goals, she pursues employment opportunities. The goal of the program is improved self-esteem, healthy relationships and stable employment. After completing 6 to 12 months in the Marian House program and obtaining employment, women are given the option to either move to the community or to transition to one of our Marian House II program sites. At Marian House II, women continue to live in community settings with other women, in either row homes or at our central Marian House II facility. They receive support services but with a less structured and more independent living environment. Case Management and crisis intervention services are provided. The Case Manager’s office is located at the central facility, and she also travels to visit the women who live in the community row homes. In these environments women continue to be responsible for chores, establishing savings, and continuing in their recovery. Monthly house meetings are held and other workshops and groups are required. The education and employment services located at the Marian House program center continue to be available to residents of Marian House II. Family housing is available through the Marian House Family Program. Families and single women also may continue to receive help from Marian House through our permanent housing programs or through alumnae support services.

Program Population

Women returning home from incarceration, referred by an advocate or advocacy group.

Program Capacity

Twenty-nine beds and four three-bedroom apartments beds in the family unit.

Program Funding Source

Different sources

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Marian House
949 Gorsuch Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21218
United States