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Haven Mother's House I and II

Haven Mother’s House I and II is a modified therapeutic community that provides intensive residential substance abuse treatment to women who are either pregnant or have an infant in their care. The Mother’s Houses provide a stable, safe, and drug free environment to allow women to overcome the behaviors that led them to a lifestyle of addiction and crime. Clients are given an opportunity to learn different ways to cope with their feelings and are taught how to make appropriate choices. The Haven Mother’s House operates with the philosophy that it is critical that a mother be with her infant as she progresses through treatment. Haven Mother's House also operates a Doula program where pregnant women from either house are paired with successful Haven graduates who have given birth and are in recovery. A doula’s relationship with the mother begins as soon as the trained doula is matched with the mother and continues up until the child is 6 months of age. The doula begins regular contact with the pregnant woman; accompanying her to prenatal care visits and helping her develop a birth plan. The doulas also provide a series of sessions focused on education about labor and delivery. The goals for the doula are to develop a trusting relationship with the mother, to help her to advocate for herself in the health care system, to prepare for the hospital labor and delivery experience, and ultimately to prepare for her new role as a parent. Upon completion of the Haven Mother’s House program, women enter the Haven-Harmon house, which is a transitional house for women who are in the final phase of treatment before being sent to outpatient care. Women in this house must be employed in the community. The program serves 26 women and up to 10 infants and allows the Haven to expand services to mothers, infants, and those with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders. Children of the women in residence receive child care through the Baby Haven Child Care Center. The center provides quality care to meet the social, emotional, and developmental needs of the children and specializes in the treatment of drug affected children. The center allows mothers time to participate in groups with their children and provides mother and child activities, music and movement classes, and reading programs to help children achieve school readiness. Clients who have their children at the Haven can continue to receive services through the Baby Haven until the child is 5 years old. Women who enter treatment pregnant are eligible for Medicaid and therefore may receive funding for treatment up to 12 months postpartum.

Program Population

Women with substance abuse issues, women with co-occurring disorders, women seeking long term residential care, women who are sentenced by the courts, women on parole, women on probation, women who are pregnant or parenting.

Program Capacity

26 women and infants at any given time

Program Funding Source

Department of Corrections, Community Corrections, grants, foundations, TANF for parenting women, Access to Recovery (ATR) funding

Start Date Year
Curriculum Published

Addiction Research & Treatment Services (ARTS)
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