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Grace House

The Grace House residential program provides interim housing, emotional and spiritual support, and professional counseling to women who are exiting the Illinois prison system. Program participants come to Grace House voluntarily, seeking to take steps that will lead them to a new beginning. Participants at Grace House receive assistance in searching for suitable employment, empowering them to overcome such factors as inadequate educational preparation, unchecked substance abuse, negative sense of self and lack of family support. Services include: substance abuse treatment, medical and mental health evaluations, psychological evaluation and counseling, parenting skills and child development education, spiritual development, housing assistance, and a mentoring program, as well as workshops on self image, self-esteem, relationships, and stress management. Grace House also provides educational opportunities through the St. Leonard’s Ministries Alternative High School, pre-employment services through the Michael Barlow Employment Center, and referrals for additional job training and employment.

Program Population

Women searching for suitable employment and housing who are exiting the criminal justice system.

Program Capacity

50 served per year; 18 beds

Program Funding Source

Government City Contracts, Illinois State Department of Corrections

Start Date Year
Curriculum Published

St. Leonard's Ministries
1801 West Adams Street
Chicago, IL 60612
United States