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Family Preservation Program

In 1996, the Indiana State Department of Health’s Maternal Child Health Services and the Indiana Division of Family and Social Services assisted IWP in developing the Family Preservation Program. The program is based on national and local research suggesting that the children of women with criminal justice involvement have a higher incidence of violence in their lives and are more likely to be developmentally challenged than the general population. The research also suggested that without support from caregivers and professionals, incarcerated parents are often unable to develop or maintain healthy bonds with their children. The Family Preservation Program was founded on the belief that through mentoring, education, counseling and role modeling, family members will be less likely to continue being victims of substance abuse or violence, while the mothers will be less likely to neglect or abuse their children. The program was designed to provide education and community support, as well as foster positive interaction among the mothers, their children and the children’s caregivers to create and maintain a healthy home and family relationship.

Program Population

Open to entire population. Participants must complete a parenting class and remain conduct fee.

Program Capacity

Facility holds twenty five people total, including participants and their children.

Program Funding Source


Start Date Year
Curriculum Published

Indiana Women's Prison
2596 Girls School Road
Indianapolis, IN 46214
United States