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Family Care Court

The Family Care Court (FCC) program is based in family court where “Child in Need of Aid” cases are heard. The women referred to this court are near the point of losing custody of their children permanently. The issue is treated as a family matter and a court team including the Judge, Attorney General Representative, Guardian Ad Li Dum, Office of Children’s Service (OCS), and Akeela follows the progress of the family. Staff, with the family, discusses their progress, needs, successes, and failures. Akeela’s role is to provide substance abuse services either through their outpatient or residential program. The program manager participates in a team case management program in which the OCS case manager handles the in-home portion of the visits for outpatient clients, and Akeela handles the agency contacts and referral. Akeela also has a child development specialist attached to the program who assists with the appropriate family and children’s activities for families in the program. In addition, Akeela provides MRT groups for all participants in the program.

Program Population

Women with substance abuse issues who are at risk of losing their children or who are seeking to reunify with their children.

Program Capacity

30 women per year.

Program Funding Source


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