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Evolution Reentry Services

Evolution Reentry Services is dedicated to the development, change, advancement, growth, rise, & progress of the criminal justice system. They provide free support services to women and their families who are justice impacted by helping rebuild lives through transparency, programs and support. The Programs that Evolution Reentry Services provides are unique and unduplicated throughout the country. 

Support Groups: Virtual Support Groups are held Monday - Fridays 7:30pm est. - 8:30pm est. via zoom for a safe, confidential space to talk about the many obstacles and feelings women and their families have while navigating the criminal justice system. 

Mentorship: Women work with peer mentors who have been in their shoes and come home and are successful in all aspects of their life. 

Workology: This program helps women build a career. Many people coming home from prison are hoping to get employment, but Evolution Reentry Services working through academic institutions and large corporations help design a goal for every woman to build a new career. 

Unlock Your Mind: This program is an Education filled program that starts while incarcerated and helps women continue with higher education in reentry working toward a successful future. 

Wealth-Entry(R): Wealth-Entry is the first program in the country that focuses on helping women to building wealth in their life through Evolution's prison to home-ownership program works alongside women and lending institutions creating a new banking relationship that builds successful lives. 

Healing Through Music: Music has the power to touch our souls, lift our spirits and heal trauma. This program explores how healing music can be an invaluable tool. Music provides comfort and solace during times of distress, allowing us to express our feeling without having to put them into words. This program also uses music as a tool for self-reflection, helping women and their families gain insight into their own experiences.

Our Digital Footprint program, Prom Gown Program, Restorative Justice program all work together in breaking down barriers creating success. So many women come home after prison into isolation feeling helpless with shame and guilt. Due to breach of trusts many have been ostracized by families, friends and communities. Evolution's team members are all justice-impacted understanding your journey. Evolution creates community so women are no longer along in their journey. 

Program Population

Women who are facing incarceration, are currently incarcerated, in reentry or have previously been incarcerated and are in need of help. Family members who have a loved one incarcerated looking for a community of support.

Program Capacity


Program Funding Source

Private Donations and Corporate Grants

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Jacqueline Polverari
1204 Main Street
Suite 177
Branford, CT 06405
United States