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Criminal Conduct and Substance Abuse

Criminal Conduct and Substance Abuse Treatment is a cognitive-behavioral treatment for changing the behaviors of women who have both histories of substance abuse and criminal justice system involvement. The purpose is to effectively prevent recidivism and substance abuse relapse. The program provides operational guidelines for a 9 to 12 month curriculum, specifically designed for substance abusing offenders. Rationale, objectives, content, and presentation sequence have been developed for three phases of treatment delivery: challenge to change, commitment to change, and ownership of change. Though the program is available to incarcerated men and women in Oklahoma, the facilitator’s guide for women is gender responsive.

Program Population

Women with substance abuse histories.

Program Capacity

Approximately 60-70 women.

Program Funding Source

Federal funding.

Start Date Year
Curriculum Published

Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center
P.O. Box 315
Taft, OK 74463
United States