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Craine House Residential Community Correction Program

Craine House is a family residential facility serving women under community corrections custody. Women are sentenced by a judge to live with their children at Craine House for 12 to 18 months, where they are matched with professional services that meet their individual needs. During that time, women are provided access to intensive case management and re-entry planning, as well as a wide array of other support services and programs, including: GED, financial and job skills classes, individual and family counseling, life skills programs, anger management, self-esteem programs, parenting classes, intensive substance abuse treatment, access to faith-based programs, health and nutrition counseling, children’s support services and tutoring.

Program Population

Women with children up to age 5; women with substance abuse issues; women who have been previously incarcerated; women being diverted from prison; women on work release.

Program Capacity

24 families; projected by end of 2014 for a max capacity of 40 families

Program Funding Source

Contracts, grants, individual donations, fundraising

Start Date Year
Curriculum Published

Craine House Residential Community Correction Program
6130 North Michigan Road
Indianapolis, IN 46228
United States