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Battered Women's Support Group

The Battered Women’s Support Group is run by a member of Sistercare, a non-profit devoted to assisting victims of domestic violence. The group allows for victims of domestic violence to give and receive support from one another. Groups are offered in all three South Carolina women's prisons as well as in the community. Groups meet weekly and are led by a trained, professional counselor. Sistercare also offers paralegal services for incarcerated battered women. (According to South Carolina law, women who are incarcerated as a result of killing their batters are eligible for parole when they have served a quarter of their sentence.)

Program Population

For women who self identify as battered women.

Program Capacity

Approximately 13 women.

Program Funding Source


Start Date Year
Curriculum Published

P.O. Box 1029
Columbia, SC 29202
United States