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Anger Management

The Anger Management class uses an anger workbook created by Laura Petracek, who is a national expert on gender-responsive anger management treatment. The program recognizes that women’s anger manifests itself in a way that is different from men, and that their style of dealing with anger is more internal. The arts are used to allow women to express themselves through music therapy, poetry and the creation of collages. Women are taught to uncover the blocks to expressing anger as well as the youthful development of the ways they were taught to express anger. SAMSHA also runs in conjunction with the anger management program in order to address substance abuse and mental health issues.

Program Population

Women recommended by the judge, parole commission or case management.

Program Capacity

10-12 women at any given time.

Program Funding Source

Idaho Department of Corrections.


South Boise Women's Correctional Center
13200 S. Pleasant Valley Road
Kuna, ID 83634
United States