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Akeela Outpatient Program

Akeela’s general outpatient program is an ASAM (American Society of Addition Medicine) Level I program. It primarily serves substance abusers who assess at the lowest level of addiction, who have a job, and a solid personal support system. The program is a fee-based program, so clients must have the personal means to pay for treatment, have personal insurance, or be eligible for Medicaid. Often the clients in this program have committed a substance abuse driving offense or some other minor offense involving substances. It is a co-ed program. Clients in the program receive assessments, drug and alcohol education, treatment plans, group counseling and minimal one-on-one individual counseling. The program also provides the centralized assessment and referral for all of Akeela’s treatment programs. Therefore, the assessment counselors provide services to an array of clients whose needs run from those who need a Level I program through intensive outpatient to ASAM 3.3 residential program services to the Therapeutic Community level 3.5 program.

Program Population

Women with low level criminal justice involvement; women with substance abuse issues in need of low level treatment.

Program Capacity

800 women a year.

Program Funding Source

Program fees.

Start Date Year

Akeela Inc.
307 East Northern Lights
Anchorage, AK 99503
United States