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Akeela Inc.

Vision Statement: Akeela envisions an Alaska that is free from the injurious affects of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Prevention Philosophy: Akeela believes education, prevention, and intervention are important components of the continuum of service. That belief is supported by the provision of culturally competent, strength-based substance abuse prevention programming for Alaskans of all ages. Therapeutic Community Program Philosophy: Akeela believes that encouraging clients to become a part of something greater than themselves, such as members of a family or community, is the key to recovery. A sense of positive self-worth is essential in the recovery process. By becoming participating members of the Akeela House treatment community, clients take the first step toward recovery. Learning to build on personal strengths, to respond to peer-pressure, to adopt as their own set of positive values, and to practice being a good citizen of the community, provides the skills needed to maintain a healthy and balanced life style. Women’s Programs Philosophy: Akeela believes that women with substance abuse dependency problems require more than just substance abuse treatment. We believe that women-specific programs must provide a welcoming environment designed to assist women in overcoming disempowerment and disconnection as a basis for recovery. We believe that these programs must encourage trust, bonding, sharing of feelings, attainment of self-sufficiency, and be sensitive to the ways issues of power, authority, and dominance play out in the treatment setting. Outpatient Programs Philosophy: Akeela believes that in order to provide a complete continuum of service our outpatient programs must provide services that bridge the service spectrum between intervention and residential services. We believe that using a cognitive approach to recovery based on decision making, problem-solving, goal setting and impulse control helps build strength awareness personally and in family systems and relationships reducing the potential for relapse and recidivism.

Program Population

Women with children; women with substance abuse issues; women who have been previously incarcerated.

Program Capacity

170-200 women per year total; 75 bed capacity.

Program Funding Source

State grants, fedeal grants, fund raising, client fees, private donations.

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Akeela Inc.
4111 Minnesota Drive
Anchorage, AK 99503
United States