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Akeela House Recovery Center

Pioneered in Alaska in the mid 1970's, Akeela House was the first treatment program in Alaska to use the Therapeutic Community modality as a means of addressing the self-destructive behavior of the severely addicted that were often thought to be beyond recovery. Akeela House, a long-term residential treatment program, is the oldest program Akeela operates and is the anchor for all their other programs.

Akeela’s Therapeutic Community provides crisis intervention, residential, family, education, vocational training, referral for medical and health services, aftercare, and continuing care. In general, Therapeutic Communities serve a broad spectrum of special need populations such as pregnant and post partum drug-addicted women, individuals with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C, mentally ill substance abusers, criminal justice populations, the homeless, the physically handicapped, and veterans. Akeela House serves a co-ed population of men and women who have a primary diagnosis of substance abuse, either alcohol or drugs, but may also have any one or more of the special needs identified above.

Program Population

Pregnant women with substance abuse issues, women with HIV, women with co-occurring disorders, women with criminal justice involvement.

Program Capacity

30 women per year; licensed for 48; but funded for 20.

Program Funding Source


Start Date Year

Akeela Inc.
2804 Bering St.
Anchorage, AK 99503
United States