Justice-Involved Veterans Network Membership

Network Members:

James Basinger  Dept Commissioner, Indiana DOC

Gary Bell  Operations Manager, Facility Operations

Jessica Blue-Howells  Deputy National Director, Veterans Justice Programs

Cindy Booth  Reentry and Release Administrator

Elizabeth Burek  VTC Coordinator

SeanClark  National Director VJP

Jac Charlier  Executive Director TASC-CHJ, Police, Treatment, and Community Collaborative

JohnDarcy Guidance Specialist for Veterans Services

Danny Eakin  Administrator, Office of Veteran Policy and Programs, Ohio Department of Veterans Services

Duane France  Co-Director, SMVF TA Center

Cynthia Gray  Justice Involved Veterans Program Manager

Blake Harris, Ph.D.  Director, Veterans Mental Health Department, Texas Veterans Commission

Donna Harrison  Criminal Justice Director, Virginia Department of Veterans Services

Michael Jackson  Ret VTC Judge

Tim Keesling  Director, Office of Veterans Services Coordination, Texas

Malik Muhammad  Orange County Corrections, FL

Stacey Owens  Military and Veterans Affairs Liaison/SAMHSA

Joel Rosenthal  National Training Director, Justice Programs (Retired)

EvanSeamone  Veterans and Servicemembers Legal Clinic

Col. Jim Seward  Council on Criminal Justice/Veterans Justice Project

Ron Self  Director of Veterans Healing Veterans from the Inside Out

James Skinner  Sheriff, Collin County Texas

Katie Stewart  National Coordinator VJO

Butch Tate  Chief Counsel, NADCP/Justice for Vets

Patricia Watson Psychologist, NCPTSD, VA

Terri WilliamsJustice Involved Veteran Program Manager


National Institute of Corrections:

Stephen Amos, Chief, Jails Division

Greg Crawford, Correctional Program Specialist, Community Services Division