Evan Seamone speaking at The Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress on May 17, 2018

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Jake Tapper, Chief Washington Correspondent, CNN speaking at the Library of Congress

Officer Guider and Nick Blalock from the PTSD panel at the Library of Congress

On May 24, 2017 a panel of renowned experts speak on the effects of PTSD on veterans and how the Veterans Treatment Courts (VTC) support those who have run afoul of the law by proving appropriate treatment.

Honorable Judge Russell talks about the creation of the very first Veterans Treatment Court



These videos are from the National Institute of Corrections live broadcast "Veterans Treatment Courts: A Second Chance for Vets Who Have Lost Their Way." The program highlights the lifesaving role being played by veterans treatment courts (VTCs) across the country.

You may download these .mp4 videos to promote your own Veterans Treatment Court by clicking the link below the videos. (Note: Depending on your Browser, you may need to right-click the link and choose save)

Gary Sinise, Actor and Advocate, Provides an introduction to the NIC broadcast "A Second Chance for Vets Who Have Lost Their Way."



Judges from Veterans Treatment Courts describe their experience presiding over a veterans treatment court, and the transformation they see in the veterans lives who participate in the program.



Mentors describe their role in helping veterans who participate in veterans treatment court programs.



Judge Vance Peterson, Veterans Treatment Court Judge, Spokane County District Court, discusses how they started a program.



Veterans discuss PTSD and TBI and their struggles to adjust to civilian life, and how veterans treatment courts helped them restore their lives.



Tommy Rieman describes how PTSD effected his life.



Tommy Rieman describes how a veterans treatment court saved his life.