Veteran Intercept Model

Intercept Model

*NEW* Veteran Intercepts in the Criminal Justice System - Intercepts 4-5 [Webinar]

Veteran Intercepts in the Criminal Justice System - Intercepts 2-3 [Webinar]

Veteran Intercepts in the Criminal Justice System - Intercepts 0-1 [Webinar]

Veteran Intercepts in the Criminal Justice System - [Webinar]

*NEW* Veterans Reentry Programming

Veterans Reentry Programming

Supporting Transition to Civilian Life Across the Sequential Intercept Model

They were veterans before they were incarcerated individuals. That is the sentiment and approach to veterans reentry of Sharon Kirkpatrick, member of the Washington Women Veterans Advisory Committee. Upon meeting with a veteran for the first time, she begins by acknowledging their military service, both because she honors their sacrifice and because the veterans need to hear and embrace these words for themselves. Helping veterans understand that they are more than their criminal charge is the first step to helping them see beyond their current circumstances and guiding them along the path of reentry. Click Here to read more!

Barracks Behind Bars II

Barracks Behind Bars II introduces several of the facilities and the men and women whose vision is paying off with facility reports of fewer behavioral problems and almost no incidents of violence by incarcerated veterans. This translates into a less stressful, safer environment for correctional personnel and facilitates opportunities for assistance from the Health Care for Reentry Veterans Specialists of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, personnel from state and county departments, and volunteers from community and veterans organizations. Click Here to read more!

Law Enforcement to Assist PTSD-Afflicted Veterans in Crisis

In collaboration with the Library of Congress, the National Institute of Corrections hosted a live panel on May 15, 2019. Listen to the panel of experts as they discuss the formation of Veterans Response Teams: law enforcement professionals trained to respond to situations involving veterans in crisis. Learn how cities across America have saved lives, minimized hostile situations, and gotten vets with PTSD the treatment they need by implementing these teams. Moderated by Jonathan Elias, from WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C.

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Respecting Service, Restoring Honor for Vets in Crisis

Barracks Behind Bars

Barracks Behind Bars