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Phase V - Building EBDM Capacity at the Individual, Agency, and System Levels


For Phase V, National Institute of Corrections (NIC) sought applications for states to participate in this phase of the Evidence-Based Decision Making in State and Local Criminal Justice Systems Initiative. In Phase V, states began the process of planning systemwide change strategies at the state level and in multiple local jurisdictions. One state-level executive team and 4-6 local-level policy teams in each selected state are undergoing a planning process to implement changes—selected by the team—across a continuum of criminal justice decision points, as outlined in the Phase V Roadmap. All states involved in Phase IV of were eligible to apply to continue their work with NIC and its partners in Phase V of the Initiative. Three states--Indiana, Virginia, and Wisconsin--were selected to participate in Phase V of the EBDM Initiative.

EBDM Phase V

Under Phase V of EBDM, the selected state(s) will receive up to 15 months of intensive technical assistance (TA) to begin the work of EBDM at the state level and in multiple local jurisdictions. While Phase IV is focused on building capacity and preparing to expand EBDM efforts in the state, the goal of Phase V is to build capacity to make evidence-based decisions at the individual, agency, and system levels, and to develop plans for implementing systemwide change strategies that will align state and local officials/jurisdictions with one another and with the principles of EBDM. Phase V is a planning phase, similar to the planning process seven EBDM local sites engaged in during Phase II. Full implementation of EBDM strategies is anticipated in Phase VI (the implementation phase).