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ICB Self-Paced Online Courses

Surviving the Trenches: The Impact of Trauma Exposure on Corrections Professionals
Webinar broadcast: February 17, 2016.  Research suggests that constant exposure to disturbing aspects of human behavior and the pain and suffering of others can come with a price for professionals. This webinar examines secondary trauma and compassion fatigue as experienced by corrections professionals. It brings together the latest research on the physiological impact of trauma exposure with simple, realistic techniques that can mitigate the negative effects, improve personal well-being, and enhance professional longevity.

Adolescent Brain Development: Research Implications for Community Corrections
This is a recording of a webinar presented by Charlene Rhyne, PhD., Abbey Stamp, LCSW, Barbara Fletcher and Izzy Lefebvre on the subject of adolescent brain development and research implications for community corrections, brought to you by the APPA Research Committee.