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The WorkPlace

Platform to Employment (P2E) is a nationally recognized solution, helping the long-term unemployed get back to work. For employers, P2E gives businesses a risk-free opportunity to evaluate and consider hiring participants during a trial work experience.

Women's Resource Center

Women’s Resource Center empowers women to become economically self-sufficient and improve their lives through employment, career development and personal growth. We work with unemployed or underemployed women who want to find meaningful work to support themselves and their families. Our services are designed and delivered to meet the needs of women.

UNC Horizons Program

Our mission is to provide world class empowering and transformative interdisciplinary care to women and their children affected by substance use disorders. We realize this mission by: Offering a continuum of services and evidence-based, women centered, attachment and trauma-responsive programing to inspire women and their children to thrive, generating and applying scientific knowledge to improve women’s and children’s lives, and training local and international scholars and care providers to implement our cutting-edge model of life changing care.

Keyway Center for Diversion and Reentry

The Center for Women in Transition was created in 1997 after four women volunteering in prison ministry noticed a cycle of recidivism. The volunteers met with incarcerated women to identify root causes of their returns to incarceration and discovered the following challenges: lack of safe, affordable housing; lack of access to services such as substance use treatment, job placement, food, and transportation assistance; and lack of positive social support. The system was structured for failure. The Center was formed specifically to ​address these challenges.

Employment Services

We provide immediate, effective, and comprehensive employment services exclusively to women who have recently returned home from incarceration. We believe that everyone, regardless of their past, deserves the chance to shape a stronger future for themselves, their family, and their communities.

Pre and Post Release for Women Offenders

Pre-release program provides services within the jail and work center facilities and provides the following: weekly case management, weekly mental health counseling, partnerships with legal contacts, wrap around services. Educational programming consists of moral reconation therapy (MRT), MRT - Anger Management, MRT - Trauma, SAMHSA Anger Management, Houses of Healing, Relapse prevention, 12 Steps A Way Out and Recovery Management.

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