Facilitating Behavior Change Training

Application Expired February 9th, 2023

Training Structure:
The Facilitating Behavior Change training experience provides Core Correctional Practice skills and other methods of effective communication and gives officers tools to support pro-social changes with persons under community supervision.

The 11 modules will:

  • Introduce participants to the skills and tools necessary to encourage pro-social change.
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to apply the learned skills and tools using simulated scenarios based on actual occurrences.
  • Develop and enhance the art of coaching and providing feedback to help prepare for department sustainability.

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Delivery Format:
This training consists of 11 modules; beginning with two virtual sessions (2 ½ hours each), then meeting in-person for 24 hours (3 days) to complete the 7 traditional classroom sessions, and training concludes with two additional virtual sessions (2 ½ hours each). This blended training format will orient participants to learn and navigate through a virtual environment, which will prepare them to deliver the learned skills and tools in-person through practical application.

Regional or Single Agency:
NIC is responsive to organizational demands and is prepared to deliver regional training for multiple state community supervision agencies or on an individual agency scale.

Agency and Participant Commitment:
The in-person portion of the training will be held at a local training facility secured by the selected agency; also, the selected agency will be responsible for any participant travel costs associated with the training.

There is a time and equipment commitment required to successfully complete this training. Participants will need a stand-alone computer, an audio device, and a semi-private work setting that is conducive to learning. 

Administration must be open to new ideas and committed to continued education and review of the skills learned throughout the training. The participants will need the support of administration to complete the prerequisite work and the small amount of intersession practice work that is designed to reinforce the information provided during the training sessions.

Training Customization:
Based on the results of the participant readiness assessment, the training will be modified in a way to offer more concerted opportunities for open discussions, and practices in the areas identified as a need area.

The deadline for applications is February 9th, 2023

Send questions about the Facilitating Behavior Change training or the application process to:
Katie Green, Correctional Program Specialist, National Institute of Corrections, via email at k2green@bop.gov