Microsite Overview

This microsite will be useful to anyone who wishes to establish or strengthen a Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) or learn how a CJCC can accomplish criminal justice system improvements. While this guide acknowledges and recognizes over 200 CJCCs formally created at city and county levels across the country, “criminal justice coordinating council” is an inclusive term applied to informal and formal decision-making structures where key justice system agency officials and other officials of general government discuss and address justice system issues.

This microsite:

  • Explains how to start and sustain a CJCC at the local government level,
  • Describes a range of planning and coordination activities that a CJCC might take,
  • Describes alternative organizational forms for CJCCs,
  • Presents guidelines for operating a CJCC,
  • Highlights the benefits local governments can expect to derive from these activities,
  • Provides templates and examples documents that can be used for implementing a CJCC.