Preface and Acknowledgements

This microsite is a guide in digital format that was updated to assist communities interested in implementing, re-establishing, or reinvigorating an existing Criminal Justice Council (CJCC), some of which are being served by technical assistance programs funded by the National Institute of Corrections (NIC). This microsite establishes the foundation for developing a CJCC that will produce system improvements leading to better public safety.

Many people and organizations contributed ideas and materials to this guide, including Tammy Woodhams, National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA) Director of Programs and Grant Training, and Allison Badger, NCJA Program Director and NCJA’s CJCC Advisory Group. In addition, many other colleagues, staff, and past and present CJCC members have contributed ideas found in these pages.

Katie Green, Correctional Program Specialist, with the NIC Community Services Division, was an initiator, contributor, and advisor of this work. She is the NIC project manager and contact person for this initiative.