Learning Domains

Learning domains are some of the areas identified in the surveys, focus groups, and meetings that should be included in a community corrections curriculum. These include: Evidence-Based Practices (EBP); Risk, Need, Responsivity (RNR); Influences on Criminal Behavior; Universal Skills; and Role of Coummnity Corrections in the Crinimal Justice Process. Explore the Learning Domains using the dropdown menu above. 

The resources listed in the following web pages are just a mere sampling of materials available on topics to help you integrate aspects of the suggested learning objectives in your class courseworkEspecially at the undergraduate level, courses will almost always be organized around one or two key textbooks. A list of currently available textbooks can be found under the Resource Guide in this website. 

The guidance offered on this website is purely advisory. NIC and APPA recognize and respect the tenets of academic freedom and the autonomy of university faculty. In no way should anything contained in this report be misconstrued as a mandated function of a community corrections course or otherwise. The authors encourage new and experienced faculty with an interest in community corrections, to peruse the microsite and extrapolate those concepts and resources that are most beneficial to your instructional needs.