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Strategic Inmate Management (SIM) is the intentional integration of the principles and strategies of Direct Supervision and the elements of Inmate Behavior Management as a unified operational philosophy. It is an evolution of the Direct Supervision and Inmate Behavior Management training and assistance NIC has previously offered. The goal of the initiative is to help jails understand their role in effectively managing inmate behavior regardless of the physical plant layout. Its approach is applicable in all physical plant designs commonly found in jails.

Beyond the Badge

The Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office in Ann Arbor, MI uses Strategic Inmate Management (SIM) as their operational philosophy. This video highlights their Corrections Division and how they have operationalized SIM in their agency.

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SIM Initiative Engagement Overview Presentation

This video provides an overview of the SIM initiative. You may pause each slide to fully engage the content. This is video only, (no audio)