Focus Group Participants

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The content outline for the document ultimately yielded 19 distinct chapters. The process of generating the outline included a series of online focus groups to get input and guidance from practitioners and experts in the field. There were 49 individuals from 22 states who helped craft the content outline. The process generated over 200 unique pieces of information that the project team reviewed and included in the final outline.

Traci Agner - Dearborn County Juvenile Center (IN)

Brandon Allen - Bartholomew County Youth Services Center (IN)

Anita Biehle - Bartholomew County Youth Services Center (IN)

Pat Caruso - Retired Director, Michigan Department of Corrections (MI)

Sean Coleman - Thomas N. Frederick Juvenile Justice Center (IN)

Linda Commons - Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility (IN)

Alison Cox - Porter County Juvenile Detention Center (IN)

Kathy Cullison - Kinsey Youth Center (IN)

Hasan Davis - Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice (KY)

Michele Deitch - University of Texas School of Law (TX)

Maggie Dickson - Washoe County Jail (NV)

April Dubree - Youth Law T.E.A.M. of Indiana (IN)

Barb Farley - Union County Juvenile Detention Center (NJ)

Randy Farmer - Lincoln Public Schools’ Pathfinder Program (NE)

Dave Gaspar - National PREA Resource Center (AZ)

Skip Greene - St. Anthony Juvenile Correctional Center (ID)

Dr. Nelson Griffis - Spectrum Juvenile Justice Services (MI)

Sharon Harrigfeld - Idaho Department of Corrections (ID)

Lori Harshbarger - Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility (IN)

Barbara Henjum - Alaska Division of Juvenile Justice (AK)

Jim Higdon - Johnson County Juvenile Detention Center (IN)

Tara Hobbs - Lucas County Youth Treatment Center (OH)

Robert Jacobsen - Dearborn County Juvenile Detention Center (IN)

Anders Jacobson - Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center (CO)

Macilla “Kila” Jager - Oregon Youth Authority (OR)

Steven Jett - Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center (ID)

Jody Jillson-DePolis - Porter County Juvenile Detention Center (IN)

Kendra Kec - Lucas County Juvenile Court (OH)

Charles “Chuck” Kehoe - Retired Juvenile Justice/Adult Corrections Professional (VA)

Dr. Mary Livers - Louisiana Department of Youth Services (LA)

Sonya Love - Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice (GA)

Greg Lyons - Union County Juvenile Detention Center (NJ)

Ryan Mahr - Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility (NE)

Larry Mieser - Retired State Juvenile Justice Administrator (MI)

Dwayne Mills - Adair Youth Development Center (KY)

Kevin Mulroony - Indiana Department of Corrections (IN)

Geno Natalucci-Persichetti - Retired Juvenile Justice/Adult Corrections Professional (OH)

Dennis Orr - LaPorte County Juvenile Services Center (IN)

Jenny Orr - Clay County Juvenile Detention Center (MO)

Leander Parker - Youth Offender Unit, Department of Corrections (MS)

Rob Persson - Oregon State Correctional Institution (OR)

Brian Philson - Highfields, Inc. (MI)

Cathleen Robertson - Fairfax Juvenile Detention Center (VA)

Dr. Hank Robinson - Nebraska Department of Corrections (NE)

Denis Shumate - Retired Juvenile Corrections Facility Administrator (KS)

Jacquelyn Southwick - Mill Creek Youth Center (UT)

Deb Thomason - Madison County Youth Center (IN)

Rodney Verdine - LaSalle County Detention Home (IL)

Dan Weikal - Davidson County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Justice Center (TN)

Kellie Whitcomb - Indiana Division of Youth Services (IN)