The Journey Begins

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It is recommended that a Correctional Industries program begin this process by conducting a strategic analysis to determine the current state of the overall program. To determine the future direction of the organization, it is necessary to understand the current position so the plan will be based on current and relevant information.

To gather more information, conduct an in-depth review of the mission, vision, core values, resources, stakeholder and customer support, strategic alliances and collaborations, defining legislation and other internal /external factors directly related to the Correctional Industries program.  Review the 10 key components of the Reentry-Focused Performance Excellence Guide and choose 2 – 3 areas where development and/or further refinement would enhance operations.  Ultimately the goal would be to incorporate all 10 best practice components into the daily operation of a Correctional Industries program. 

Each best practice component provides the definition, rationale, benefits, and practices to assist teams in getting started.  There are also recommended metrics to measure your success, further resources to review and information on other Correctional Industries who have implemented the best practice component successfully.