Systems Thinking and Focus

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The Reentry-Focused Performance Excellence Guide was developed using a systems approach to achieve the following:

  • Reduce Recidivism
  • Increase Public Safety
  • Improve Offender Success
  • Ensure Sustainability
  • Enhance Operations

Each component is intended to positively affect at least one area noted above with most components influencing multiple areas. Using target outcomes which include program relevance, financial sustainability, maximizing participation, increased employment and job retention of former offenders after release, collaboration within the communities, etc., the effects of full model implementation are substantial. 

Effective implementation of the model will also:

  • Guide the vision and develop leadership to sustain an organizational culture of offender success which will support setting expectations, engaging stakeholders and empowering staff
  • Apply consistent best practices that can be managed and measured to improve outcomes throughout all Correctional Industries
  • Establish a collaborative structure with Corrections and the Community
  • Provide justification for expanding programs and seeking additional resources or legislation necessary to implement the best practices within an organization