Module 3: Module Objectives

This module is intended to help you learn the key processes to collaborate across government, nongovernment, and community-based organizations. Such collaboration allows all parties involved to maximize the impact intended by the TJC model through shared understanding and aligned actions. It will also guide you in structuring your collaboration to oversee and complete the work of implementing the TJC model.

This module includes:

  • Understanding the benefits of collaboration and joint ownership
  • Identifying partnering agencies
  • Determining each party's responsibilities
  • Structuring your TJC collaborative
  • Developing long-term partnerships with community agencies

There are four sections in this module:

  1. What Is Collaboration?
  2. Formalizing the Collaborative Structure
  3. Developing a Reentry Implementation Committee
  4. Terms Used in the Field

This module also includes templates, links, field notes, case studies, and other materials to help you expedite the process in your community and to highlight how TJC partnerships have developed across the country.

By the end of this module you will be able to do the following:

  • Identify the diverse and multiple partners in your community including existing advisory committees.
  • Coordinate a collaborative planning process.
  • Organize a reentry implementation committee of partnering agencies.
  • Develop shared goals and principles.
  • Draw upon excellent work being done in the field.