Module 2: Module Objective

This module provides practical informational to assist you in understanding the importance of having committed leadership with a vision and an organizational culture well-matched to implement and sustain practices consistent with the Transition from Jail to Community model in your community.

This module includes:

  • The characteristics of effective leadership
  • Creating and transmitting a leadership vision to others
  • Understanding your agency's organizational culture and how to guide it in the best interests of sustained TJC efforts

There are six sections in this module:

1. Leadership 101
2. TJC Leadership
3. Creating the Vision
4. Changing the Organizational Culture
5. Empowering Staff—A Decisionmaking Process Model to Manage Change
6. Terms Used in the Field

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Explain how leadership affects the success of the TJC model.
  • Identify and engage local leaders in your community.
  • Understand the importance of leaders becoming local experts on the TJC model.
  • Create a shared vision and mission statement.
  • Elicit support among organizational leaders, formal and informal.
  • Identify the components of organizational culture that support change.
  • Develop tools to empower employees and stakeholders.
  • Understand the impact of stakeholder's organizational culture on the culture of the overarching system.