Help With Requirements 2024

How do I fulfill the Team requirement?

This year we require those interested in T4C Training for Trainers to apply in teams of at least two (teams of three are allowed). Team members may come from different settings within your state or region (e.g., community, jails, prisons, forensic psychiatric units, adult or juvenile), and professional backgrounds (security, treatment, social work, education, management). Preference will be given to teams with cross-discipline/jurisdiction representation or agencies involved in statewide collaborative training models.

How do I provide my Agency's CEO Approval Letter?

photograph of documentDownload this Word Document, T4C-CEO-Letter.docx. Fill in the placeholder information such as (Participant's Name) (Agency's Name) etc. Print this completed form on your Agency Letterhead. Have your Agency's CEO approve and sign the form. Navigate to the T4C website, and upload the completed form where it says (upload CEO Approval Letter)

Tip: If it is inconvenient to scan your signed document to a computer for upload, lay it flat on a table and take a picture of it with your smart phone. Then email it to yourself so you can continue the application. Make sure the image is sharp and readable.


How do I provide a 5 minute video of me training a class?

If you do not have an existing video. Have someone record you delivering a simulated 5 minute segment of a T4C facilitation on your smartphone. Please be sure to lower your video resolution. Don't record higher than HD 720p. VGA 640 x 480 pixels is best. After you record your video, navigate to the T4C website, and upload the video right from your device.

self movie

If you have an existing video but it's more than 10 minutes, or in a format not supported by the website, email: The website supports most modern formats and up to 250MB in size. It is advised to be on WIFI when you upload to our site. Note: Videos will be deleted following the selection process.

OR if your video file is larger than 250mb, please create a DropBox account at and add your video to the DropBox folder (up to 2gb for free accounts). Right click the file and select "Share Dropbox Link" Place your cursor in the "Video Link" field and paste the link from your clipboard into this form field. This will allow us to view your video.

Who can I contact for help?

For technical assistance with uploading your documents or video please email
For questions regarding the Training or Requirements please email