Evolution Reentry Services

Evolution... development, change, advancement, growth, rise, progress and expansion. We are dedicated to the evolution of the criminal justice system by providing reentry services to women and their families who are justice impacted. So many women come home feeling isolated and helpless with shame
and guilt. Due to breach of trusts many have been ostracized by families, friends and communities. Our team members have walked in their shoes and understand, so they are no longer alone in their journey. Until now, there has been no resources dedicated solely for women who have been convicted of a white-collar crime or their families, especially the children who have been affected. We have created unduplicated reentry resources with a groundbreaking pilot program. We are here to help women establish a "new" normal. Reentry Starts the with the conviction and with our new pilot program and a trained group leader we conduct a weekly group meeting helping prepare women for prison and stay with them throughout their reentry journey. Through our dialectical behavioral model we help women understand and learn why they have made poor choices. New life skills are born, all while learning how to build new relationships with their children and loved ones. What does life after prison look like? We help with redefining the meaning of success. Working alongside each woman, together we come up with a solid plan that will help in success during reentry and or their entire life. We are with them every step of the way.

Program Population: 

women who have been convicted of a white-collar crime

Program Funding Source: 

donations & client fees

Start Date Year: 
1204 Main Street
Suite 177