Hartford House

Hartford House is a re-entry program for female state and federal work release clients who live in a congregate setting and are supported as they obtain full-time employment and meet financial, self-sufficiency, and family reunification goals. The program's emphasis is on gender responsive programming aimed at helping women address substance abuse and mental health issues. The program includes a Mothers and Infants Nurtured Together (MINT) program. This is a confinement placement for pregnant federal offenders who have been approved for community placement. While in the program they receive prenatal care at a cooperating hospital, give birth and bond with their babies for three months following birth. Groups cover prepared childbirth, parenting classes, life skills, nutritional education and healthy relationships.

Program Population: 

The MINT portion of the program is specifically for pregnant women and those who have just given birth.

Program Capacity: 

23 Beds

Start Date Year: 
10 Irving Street
Agency Name: 
Community Solutions, Incorporated