Parenting Program

The Parenting Program is a 30-hour curriculum that teaches parenting skills to incarcerated women. Participants may voluntarily enroll or may be court ordered to attend. The women are taught appropriate expectations of children by learning about the stages of child development. Participants are taught behavior modification techniques without using corporal punishment and how to avoid power struggles. Participants are also taught the rules and regulations for their children to visit on the compound (for example, the inmate should be with the child at all times). Upon completion of the program, participants receive a certificate of completion. The Parenting Program is the first component of the Program for Caring Parents. Women who have completed the Parenting Program may enroll children and grandchildren under the age of 10 in the visitation program. Child participants are allowed to come onto the grounds on the fifth Saturdays during the year to spend the day with their mothers and/or grandmothers. Other special family-centered events include Easter and Christmas extravaganzas. Curriculum: Partners in Parenting

Program Population: 

Women with children, women with substance abuse issues.

Program Capacity: 

170 women served every three months.

Program Funding Source: 

Department of Corrections.

7205 Highway 74
St. Gabriel
Agency Name: 
Correctional Institute for Women