Female Trauma Recovery Program

The Female Trauma Recovery Program is a specialized treatment program to assist women who have experienced the trauma of sexual abuse. The program utilizes the Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model, which is an evidence-based approach to treatment of gender specific trauma issues. Other issues addressed are substance abuse, parenting, health issues, and building interpersonal and resource networks. Upon completion of the program, assigned staff will evaluate and assess participants for ongoing treatment needs. An aftercare plan will be developed with the participant reflecting any need for ongoing treatment. The goals of the program are to assist the participant in understanding that trauma has occurred and that recovery is possible; to provide education and therapeutic intervention, allowing the participant to develop healthy coping skills for dealing with past trauma that has interfered with pro-social decision making and ongoing recovery; and to provide each participant with an individualized Aftercare Plan upon completion of the program.

Program Population: 

Women with substance abuse issues, women who have experienced trauma.

Program Capacity: 

19 women at any given time.

Program Funding Source: 

New York Department of Correctional Services

Start Date Year: 
3595 State School Road
New York
Agency Name: 
Albion Correctional Facility