Transitional Housing Schirmer House

Schirmer House is home to 30 women who are fulfilling a state-mandated supervision requirement. The facility is fully funded by the Missouri Department of Correction as part of the state's Missouri Reentry Process (MRP). Schirmer House is first of its kind in the state in that it is self-contained, so the majority of services the women require will be provided on site, including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Anger Management classes, computer training, and job/life skills classes. The facility is staffed by four full-time employees, a probation officer and a 24-hour security team. Schirmer residents remain at the facility for up to 120 days and then can be transferred to a less restrictive facility or allowed to return home.

Program Population: 

Women in the criminal justice system.

Program Capacity: 

Approximately 120 women per year (28 beds available).

Program Funding Source: 

Department of Corrections Support.

Start Date Year: 
7525 South Broadway
St. Louis
Agency Name: 
Center for Women in Transition - St. Louis